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Our Mission

Oregon’s 23 ports provide recreational, commercial, and economic services to residents and businesses in Oregon and beyond, serving as state, national, and international transportation gateways.  They are a key component in sustaining Oregon’s economy and quality of life, supporting thousands of family wage jobs.  One out of six Oregon jobs is directly or indirectly tied to cargo, recreation, industrial, commercial or other activities at Oregon’s ports.

OPPA Mission Statement

OPPA facilitates member collaboration, public agency communication, legislative advocacy and effective management to insure the success of Oregon Ports.

OPPA Purposes

Serve as the statewide voice of Oregon Ports

Promote the highest professional standards and best practices in the management and administration of Oregon Ports. 

Monitor and evaluate legislation affecting Oregon Ports and provide a forum for collective response and advocacy.

Inform and advise state agencies and the Governor’s Office regarding issues relevant to Oregon Ports.

Provide a forum for Oregon Ports to share information, discuss opportunities and propose or develop solutions.